{Double Batch} Favorite Summery Cocktail

pomegranate-ginger margarita, a bartender’s tequila creation for me, one of Mama’s margaritas

When people find out my liquor of choice is tequlia, they tend balk and proceed to ask one or more of the following:

  1. “WHAT?!!”
  2. “How does tequila not put you on the floor?”
  3. “Doesn’t tequila make you [insert debaucherous activity here]?”
  4. “LET’S DO SHOTS!”

My responses to these exclamations usually go something like this:

  1. “Yes.”
  2. “Tequila just doesn’t do that to me.”
  3. “No.”
  4. “Thanks but no thanks.”

When I’m out with friends, they tend to order the standard G&T (like Molly!) or vodka soda.  Well, there’s nothing about gin nor tonic I enjoy, and vodka and I didn’t get off a great start so I don’t even entertain the Grey Gooses and Absoluts and Ketel Ones of the world when ordering a cocktail — I go straight to the tequila. Perhaps I love tequila because it’s the first liquor I tasted in the classy, non-shot, non-jungle juice form of my mama’s margarita (rightmost photo above).

I prefer my margaritas with silver tequila, on the rocks, no salt (unless it’s chili rock salt on a hibiscus margarita), with extra lime juice and no sour mix ever, fresh lime slices, and maybe an orange slice if I’m feeling sassy.  Margaritas are great, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something different — something over crushed ice in a massive ball jar, something citrusy, something lime-y, not-too sweet, extra points for jalapeño-infused something, topped off with a little bubbly natural soda. Violá!  A refreshing summery cocktail.

Spritzy & Spicy Grapefruit-Lime-Tequila Gem

1 gigantic Mason jar (in our house, we use Mason jars exclusively as drinking glasses and they’re the best thing ever)

crushed ice

4 oz. (2 shots) silver tequila

1 lime, halved

1/2 jalapeño, thinly sliced, deseeded and deveined (the more seeds and veins you leave, the fierier the cocktail)

1 can grapefruit (pompelmo) San Pellegrino OR 1 bottle grapefruit Izzie soda

Fill Mason jar with crushed ice, add tequila.  Squeeze half the lime over tequila and ice and add jalapeño slices.  Top off with grapefruit soda of your choice, shake or stir as desired, and garnish with the remaining lime.

Cin cin! (P.S. — it’s pronounced ‘chin chin’ and you better damned well look people in the eye when you say that, or else. )