{Double Batch}

Since Molly and I started our Tuesday blogging series, we’ve struggled to come up with a name for our venture.  Neither our names nor our initials could be combined into a suitable acronym, and our free association word game for this project yielded less than inspiring results.

When we found ourselves at an impasse three weeks ago, we did what any young bloggers would do and turned to seasoned professionals/blogging idols/awesome ladies Joy and Tracy to solicit their expert advice.  These two host a weekly podcast on a site called Homefries and encourage their listeners to call in with questions or comments, so Molly and I called and left a message hoping they miiiiight choose our call to play.  We then proceeded to attack every social media site to which we have access with our plea to consider helping us out.  AND since we’ve met the producer of the podcast (hi, Michael!), we shouted out to him when we called in hopes he’d push J & T to put us on their show.

We didn’t get on the podcast that week because of technical difficulties (they didn’t take any calls that week), but the next week during Episode 53 entitled “Camp Awkward,” Molly and I heard our voices come through the iTunes waves and totally wigged out in our two minutes of internet celebhood.  Joy and Tracy mused over our major question (‘WHAT should we call this thing we’re doing?!’) and recruited their many listeners to chime in with their thoughts.  And chime in they did!  Allison, Catherine, Meg, Michelle, Jamie, and Lin — thanks for your suggestions!  They were all super great — “TueChefs,” “Twosday Chefs,” “One Dish, Tue Chefs,” “Attached at the Mitt,” “Physical Challenge,” “Two Kitchen Tuesday,” and “Two Tout Tuesday” (or ‘trout’, as J & T read it).

But the one that stood out to both Molly and me was Lin’s recommendation to call our series “Double Batch.”  It’s an adorable name, it includes the notion of ‘two’ in some form or another (two bloggers, two coasts, all that jazz), alludes to our favorite pastime of baking, and is simply the most ‘us.’

Stay tuned for Double Batch posts from Ready to Salivate and The Blog of 1,000 Awesomes every Tuesday!

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