Meet Kelsey

Ciao! Welcome to Ready to Salivate. I’m Kelsey and I fully intend to make you drool with my photos and recipes as I share my love and passion for food. I currently live in New York and am a Jersey Girl at my core, but pieces of my heart reside in Florence, Rome, Los Angeles, San Francisco, D.C., and San Francisco.

From snacking to socializing to celebrating, food has been a focal point in my life since I could chew. I grew up as my mom’s sous chef in the kitchen — from committing her great grandmother’s pie crust recipe to memory, to including our family pot roast in an elementary school recipe book, to making a 25-paper-thin layer cake for New Year’s Eve, to becoming a vegetarian, I have always loved food.

These are some things that get me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I love the six of these people more than I could ever begin to tell you.

family is everything

I also have the greatest group of friends in the universe.

we always, always have the best time together

I don’t like bananas at all, but I do like banana bread.

especially with chocolate chips

The majority of my food photos are taken with my iPhone…

the iPhone camera is underestimated

…but some are taken with my Nikon D3100. I use a 50mm/1.8 lens and I adore it.

I love how my lens captures the elements of this dish

I would choose dessert over the bread basket any day of the week.

how can one choose bread over raspberry-nectarine crisp?

I don’t miss meat. Really, I don’t. I doubt I’ll ever eat chicken again, but I might make an exception for bacon and/or prosciutto.

cracked pepper – brown sugar bacon might get me one day

My two favorite restaurants in the world are Gjelina in Venice, California and Quattro Leoni in Florence, Italy.

the squash blossom pizza at Gjelina is to DIE for

Yoga is my favorite form of physical activity.

handstand against a Marina del Rey sunset

Part of my soul will forever be in Rome.

hugging the Pantheon is not normal, but that’s ok

Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean are two incredible ladies in thought, word, and deed.

seriously, these two are amazing (Molly is awesome, too)

I’m inspired by sunsets, love stories, veganism, skinny lattes, breakfast pizza, vineyards, and Nantucket fog.

early morning July hike through Ravenswood in Sonoma

Chandelier is my favorite [English] word.

chandelier-adorned ceilings at Pipa

This is the single most romantic thing I have ever read. I have a feeling it will be incorporated into my wedding celebrations someday.

these words are perfect

Champagne is always a good choice.


Ready to salivate? Bon appétit, cin cin, egészégedre, buen provecho, cheers.

golden hour dinner for friends


  1. Kelsey, you rock and everyone knows it. Conde Nast LA wouldn’t be the same without you…SO GLAD we have you here. BLOG AWAY! XOXO

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